25 Abundance Affirmations to Repeat Daily for Wealth Manfestation

If you’re familiar with the basic theory behind affirmations you’ll know that they are designed to create positive change in your life.  One of the most popular aspects in which people yearn for change is their finances, so here are some abundance affirmations that you can repeat daily for wealth manifestation. Affirmations could be described as […]

Yoga Meditation – Get Into Position

Yoga and meditation actually go together quite well. Many yoga poses are conducive to meditation. If you enjoy doing yoga and have a desire to combine it with a beautiful practice like meditation, you may do so anytime. A yoga meditation is best practiced when you can comfortably relax into the chosen position so that […]

Loving Kindness Meditation – Giving is Good

The Loving Kindness meditation is a very popular meditation technique. The original name of the practice is “Metta Bhavana”, which is derived from the language known as Pali. Metta means love, friendliness or kindness, and Bhavana means the development of cultivation. The standard meditation practice takes place in five stages, each lasting approximately five minutes […]